Hi Jocelyn,

Bibutils get's used in file 'includes/execute.inc.php'.

The import functionality is tied into refbase quite intensively. So, it might require some work & understanding of refbase to extract this into another application.

Here's another suggestion:

It may sound a bit overkill initially, but I know other projects that followed this route successfully: To get going quickly, why not install refbase on your server and access it only locally to import the data and get them out again in a standardised format that you'd then parse to import into your own application.

Use of Bibutils would require a shell-based workflow. So you could equally well make use of the 'refbase_import' shell tool to import user-provided files into refbase. The refbase shell tools are described here:


Then, you'd use one of the refbase-provided tools or search+retrieve web services to get the data from refbase in a standardised format (like, e.g., MODS XML, SRW_DC XML or Atom XML). Links to these tools and web services are given here:


Alternatively, you could also directly use refbase's show.php API if you like. This is described here:


Finally, parse the retrieved XML data and import them into your own database.

I think that going this route might be a lot easier for you, especially if you want to get started quickly.

HTH, Matthias

On 13.06.2013 at 10:37 Jocelyn Aznar <jocelyn.aznar@ecopas.fr> wrote:

Le mercredi 12 juin 2013 16:50:04 Rick Karnesky a écrit :
For some of those formats, bibutils will not perform a conversion and
refbase supports them natively (e.g. CSA Illumina and RefWorks).

You're free to reuse our code, per the terms of the GPL.  The relevant
file is includes/import.inc.php.  This has several functions to parse
the various formats and map content into an array that we import into
our database.


Thanks, that's what I was looking for. (I checked the bleeding edge version)

I'm wondering about bibutils. I don't see bibutils being used in this file
while it is stated (http://www.refbase.net/index.php/Importing_records) that
for some formats, it is used to convert the data. Do you use it elsewhere or
for other problems ?

Else, where can I find a description of the array format used by RefBase ?

The whole problematic for me is to create a form which will enable the user to
upload his bibliographic file and so we get the info into our database.


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