weird strings at beginning of exported file

  • Florian

    hi there!

    we're having a strange occurence when exporting references to file (XML, bibtex, …). At the beginning of each file, there is strange jibberish:

    Æ0Ÿ €>*œ té™ è¦èÿu€>Ñž u€> œ ºöuéÆ,Ÿ¸ l¾ž»! 3ɺ€                                                                                                                                     - 1252,
    author="Barriere, G.
    and Simmers, J.
    and Combes, D.",
    title="Multiple Mechanisms for Integrating Proprioceptive Inputs That Converge on the Same Motor Pattern-Generating Network",
    journal="Journal of Neuroscience",
    optlocation="Neuro Wiki (",
    optnote="exported from refbase (, last updated on Tue, 13 Apr 2010 10:52:50 +0200",

    We didn't change any charset settings in RefBase. Everything has been working fine since we set up RefBase, but for the past 2 days or so this stuff is happening…I'm thinking it might be the Java-Update a couple days ago.
    This is occuring on Windows XP/Vista and Macs…

    maybe someone out there is experiencing the same problems…

    thanks a bunch, and have a nice weekend all y'all


  • Hi Florian,

    we're having a strange occurence when exporting references to file (XML, bibtex, …). At the beginning of each file, there is strange jibberish

    That's weird. Did you modify & resave (or upload) any of the refbase scripts on the server recently?

    And the Java update was really the only recent update? Strange.

    The " - 1252" part looks suspicious to me, as if it indicates an encoding, similar to the RTF "\\ansicpg1252" encoding. What happens if you try to open the resulting files with WINDOWS-1252 encoding?

    Well, but that's really just a wild guess. Maybe your server's log contains anything related?


  • bobikk

    I'm experiencing similar problems. Whenever I export references, some weird string appear at the beginning of the file:

    author="Gehlert, A.
    and Heuer, A.",....

    Refbase 0.9.5, bibutils 3.40, Windows Server 2003, PHP 5.3.2.

  • That's a UTF-8 BOM

  • bobikk

    Yes, and it's being added twice.

    The beginning of the exported file in HEX:

    EF BB BF EF BB BF  ...
  • Florian

    hi there,

    its long been quiet on the strange 1252 front, but somehow the problem seems to have solved itself. We have moved the database together w/ PHP, SQL and the bibutils (actually we just copied the whole WAMP-folder) to a new Win-XP machine which now serves as our new webserver.
    lord behold, the encryption error thing at the beginning of each export-file is gone now! So it had to have something to do with the windows-installation on the old server…but heck if I know what it was.

    anyway, just want to put it out there in case anyone is interested. sometimes, switching OS is a good idea ;-)