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Database problem

Chris Beck
  • Chris Beck
    Chris Beck

    Hi, I have a db user configured ... I can connect to the db from the command line as the apache user with the name/pw from db.inc.  The home page shows the correct number of featrued records and when I click the login link it accepts my username/pw as valid but:

    All searchs return completely blank pages
    No user information is show inthe user detail page
    The upper right corner says that I am logged in as blank.

    Using PHP 5.0.2 & MySQL 4.1.7 & RefBase 0.7.  I have configured my apache conf file with

    <Directory /var/www/htdocs/refbase>
    php_flag register_globals on
    php_flag magic_quotes_gpc on
    php_flag error_reporting E_ALL
    php_flag display_errors on

    To override my default settings.  Is my problem symptomatic that the per-directory configurations are not working?

    • This sounds a bit odd, but I agree with your probable diagnosis.  Do you have "AllowOverride Options" or "AllowOverride All" in your conf?  Have you tried using .htaccess files rather than the <Directory /> syntax?

      I have not run 0.7 with register globals off in my default conf, but can try to find a working config for you.


    • Chris Beck
      Chris Beck

      Hi Rich ...
      I was just browsing around the comp.lang.php newsgroup and saw a reference to the .htaccess thing.  I added register_globals and magic_quotes as

      and nothing works.  Another symptom, no user_id:

      • Allow me to contact you off-list....