Bleeding edge: advanced search and IE problem

  • Knut Krüger
    Knut Krüger

    The advanced search is not working with XP IE (Ver. 7.0.5730.11). Its working fine with firefox and Opera

    Regards Knut

    • Hi Knut,

      > The advanced search is not working with XP IE (Ver. 7.0.5730.11)

      What exactly isn't working for you? Can you display the page in IE? Doe the dropdown menues get populated? Can you submit the form? Does it return any results? How does it behave differently than 'simple_search.php'?

      IIRC, there weren't any interface changes for 'advanced_search.php' in the newest SVN version.


      • Knut Krüger
        Knut Krüger

        -> advanced search
        -> search for any field f.e Author: Houpt
        -> search

        IE Result:
          Die Webseite kann nicht angezeigt werden.
           Wahrscheinlichste Ursachen:
        Sie haben keine Verbindung mit dem Internet hergestellt.
        Es ist ein Problem mit der Website aufgetreten.
        Die Adresse enthält eventuell einen Tippfehler.

           Mögliche Vorgehensweise:
             Diagnose von Verbindungsproblemen

             Weitere Informationen

    • It looks as if IE chokes on the length of teh GET request. Opening 'advanced_search.php' and changing this line:

      <form action="search.php" method="GET" name="queryForm">

      into this:

      <form action="search.php" method="POST" name="queryForm">

      seems to cure this IE issue. (thanks to Knut for testing & confirming this via p.m.)

      Recently, I did change many refbase forms from POST to GET in an attempt to avoid the annoying dialog in Firefox that warns about resubmitting of POST data when using the back button. But I guess that (unless we apply some browser agent sniffing) this issue with IE means that we should set the request method back to POST for 'advanced_search.php'.