Endnote XML import problem

  • Gert

    I am trying to transfer about 5000+ records from my Bookends (BE) database to our local refbase installation. First, I tried the very cool direct upload feature in BE. I selected 1000 records, but only 982 were successfully imported in refbase (can't say which ones failed).

    Second, I exported those 1000 records as Endnote XML into a file, and then imported that file into refbase. Here, only 973 records were successfully imported. Again, no indication which ones failed. And BTW, those 1000 records imported fine into a new fresh BE database. So I think the culprit is the refbase import script/bibutils integration, obviously refbase doesn't like some records, but which ones?

    Any suggestions out there what is going on?



    • Hi Gert,

      could it be that the your refbase import actions did reach the maximum script execution time limit of your web server? This might explain why some records weren't imported.

      If you send me your files via private email I can have a closer look what might cause your problem.

      It might be worth trying to import your records in smaller chunks, in your case maybe 500 records per import action.


    • Thanks, Gert, for sending me some sample Endnote XML records. I can confirm the reported issue.

      I haven't tracked this down completely but it seems that Bibutils endx2xml (v3.37) skips some Endnote XML records upon conversion to MODS XML.

      Strangely, it's not always the same records (or number of records) that's skipped, and importing the problematic records into refbase separately works fine. So this issue doesn't seem to be caused by incorrectly formatted record data.

      I've reported the problem to the Bibutils developer and I hope that we can solve this soon.

      Thanks for your patience,


    • Bibutils v3.38 fixes the issue of some Endnote XML records being skipped during conversion: