Maping DOIs from Endnote to Refbase

  • Mies Martin
    Mies Martin

    Hi all,
    Please excuse me if this is obvious to all.  I'm unable to map the DIO filed from an Endnote export file to Refbase.  I'm using Refman (RIS) export filter/style.  I've noticed in the file something about fileds that are unspoorted.  Is the DIO one of these fileds?

    Thanks in advance


  • 'DOI' does not appear in the RIS specification, so refbase does not have a separate field for it.  Refbase will take URIs that are really DOIs & place them in the DOI field.  So, you can, e.g. export as:

    UR  -

    Alternatively, you can modify includes/ to use a site-specific RIS field for DOIs (an example is commented out in the source).