batch file import in specific fields in refbase

  • Pierre Nault
    Pierre Nault

    Hi all,

    We want to use 'area' and 'expedition' fields to store departments or research groups and email address of authors. The latter one would be used to generate bibliographies of specific authors (even if they have the same name : email address are unique). For batch import using endnote file or BiBTex, we would write these informations in field specific to each format. When importing files, we want the information present in these fields to be imported into refbase in 'area' or 'expedition' fields. Where are the php files I would have to modify to accomplish this ? There should be a file mapping endnote and BiBTex fields to refbase fields.



  • Many formats are converted by bibutils to RIS before being imported to refbase. One advantage in your usecase is that you only have to change one importer (RIS->refbase). However, it does mean that bibutils will need to already convert the fields in question to something that makes sense in RIS.

  • Pierre Nault
    Pierre Nault

    Hi Richard,
    Since I can import from RIS format and this way by-pass bibutils and have a more direct way to map RIS fields to refbase fields, I'll use RIS format. In include/ I changed:
    // "" => "area",
    // "" => "expedition",
    to :
    "CN" => "area",
    "DP" => "expedition",

    And the RIS file looks like this :

    DP - nault.pierre;
    DA - 2013/10/28/
    PY - 2013
    CN - Observatoire des sciences et technologies

    Batch importing an RIS file will get the area field filled with the right information, say the names of departments. But the expedition field will still be empty : no writing of the name of the researchers. I have inverted the RIS fields (CN -> expedition ; DP -> area) but still, impossible to import something in the expedition field from an RIS format.
    Any idea why ?


  • record.php does not carry this value over for some reason--there is no:

     if (isset($_REQUEST['expedtion']))                                           
              $expeditionName = encodeHTML($_REQUEST['expedition']);                            

    block. I'm not sure why. Matthias?