author display on webpage

  • Hi,
    sorrry for the following basic user question…

    My references on web pages are truncated, in fact only the second author is affected : the name does not appear but the initials. I am not the administrator of the web site I use, I just can log in to change my data and play with options. Once logged, I can change the display mode from APA to MLA for instance (I choose it because it better manages the accentuated characters), but the display options are not taken into account on the public web. Better than a long speech, here is the incriminated page :

    You can see that Fouché O. is replaced by F. O. but this problem also affects unaccentuated names, always in second position.

    If you have any idea on the source of this bug, please help me.

    Faithfully yours

  • As the tooltip states

    the author(s) of this publication (e.g. 'Clough, LM; de Broyer, H-C)

    But you do not seem to be using the semicolon to separate authors nor the comma to separate the names of individual authors.

  • Really basic,
    many thanks !