Thanks as always for leading in the right direction. Works great now. 

On Wed, May 9, 2012 at 4:17 PM, Arthur Norman <> wrote:
On Wed, 9 May 2012, Aditya Narayan wrote:
The new compiler certainly helped. I've made some progress but got stuck at
something else now. Good news is that the regular build works fine now. But
the embedded build has a problem. For illustration, here's what I did:

cd /cygdrive/c/aditya/reduce/reduce-20110414/csl/embedded

No errors, reduce.exe works from within cygwin.

But this executable *fails *when run standalone because it is looking for

cygwin1.dll. I checked that the exe has an explicit dependency on

I'd like to have no dependency on cygwin during runtime. Any ideas?

Thanks again!

The embedded version(s) are intended for programming experts who are liable to wish to embed Reduce within some other program, and who will then typically need to do significant customisation. That will include them altering trhe Makefiles themselves if the ones provided build in a way that is other than suits their needs - eg altering compilation using just "gcc" (whihc is the simple thing to work and a recipe that works on many machines) to use i686-w64-minge32-gcc (say) on a Windows platform to achieve the separation from cygwin.dll that you comment about.

Note the existenmce of embedded and new-embedded and again somebody who needs to create a cut-down of alternatively interfaced version of Reduce to use from elsewhere will probably want to look at both to see whihc is nearer to their requitements - but still they will need to do some hacking! Note that new-embedded has samples of more elaborate Makefiles that will only work using gnu make but that (subject to that) use the mingw compilers under Windows. It also has an illustration of how to call bits of Reduce from a "procedural" rather than a textual interface.

The "embedded" versions as they stand are liable to provide a less nice experience for users that the "real" version - eg lack of prompts etc. But if they help somebody get started on what may be a big project integrating Reduce in with something else that will be good. YOu will probably MOSTLY need to ensure that the C compiler you use and the compilation flags used with it match the ones used with the project you are about to link Reduce in with...


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