GNU make for Reduce packages?

  • Thomas Sturm
    Thomas Sturm

    Developing Redlog in the new tree and compiling quite frequently, I am observing two problems:

    1. The make process takes too long.

    2. All error messages when compiling go into some log file but not to the screen.

    There is a 3rd problem not related to the new tree:

    3. The syntax-checking of the reduce compilers is not really good. In particular, certain mismatches of numbers of arguments in procedures calls are not detected.

    A partial solution to (3), which I have been using for a long time already, is using the cross referencer and automatically processing its output before compilation.


    I now have got something that solves the problems (1-3) for me but it is not really nice yet:

    I currently have got a "" overloading some procedures in "" (e.g. for using rather than 'folder) and a "" (bad name, I have learned meanwhile).

    The entire solution currently relies on having both "" and "" located in trunk/packages, and on trunk/packages being the current directory.

    I could check this into svn at least temporarily for being used by other developers and as a basis for discussion.

    This "" calls awk for filtering and formatting the output of Reduce calls. The awk programs are currently located as strings in "", which is not a good solution for maintenance and further development.

    I think perl would be one feasible and much cleaner solution, and I could do that.

    BUT: Since yesterday evening I am wondering whether GNU make is flexible enough

    * to have targets like "redlog", which is not a file in CSL (in PSL I at least have redlog.b).

    * to make the out-of-date decision not on the basis of filedates but using a call of Reduce, which then does olderfaslp().

    From a user's point of view, I think, it would be just great to have a "Makefile" in trunk/packages such that one can say "make groebner".

    This would use a "compiler call" like "rd", which is another piece of software doing thorough syntax checking (I will go into the cref code for this at some point) and compiling a package or a single file (decision automatically by testing for "create!-package", and maybe some option to force one or the other).