GRG 3.2

Jack Dyson
  • Jack Dyson
    Jack Dyson

    Hi everyone,
    Does anyone know where I can get the GRG 3.2 package from please ? The download link on this page:

    seems to need a password and I can't get hold of the author. Any help or even the package would really be appreciated!
    Kind regards

  • Arthur Norman
    Arthur Norman

    I have some grc files on my computer left over from ages ago. The set I have appear to date from around 2000/2001 and I was checking then with Reduce 3.7.

    I have never tried them with more recent versions of Reduce but might hope that adjusting them would not be too bad. However at present they are annotated:

    % This file is distributed without any warranty. You may modify it but you %
    % are not allowed to remove author's name and/or distribute modified file. %

    The prohibition on distributing modified versions means that even if I put effort now into updating the code to build with the current version of Reduce I would not then have permission to make that version availble to you. so you probably need to contact the author (Vadim V Zhytnikov) and see if he would be willing to see his code put in with the other BSD-licensed code in the Reduce tree. I am afraid I do not have a current contact address but maybe somebody else here does and can reach him easily. Then either he or somebody else could firts verify that we statr from the latest and best version of the code there is and see what would be invove din getting it built as a standard component within Reduce. The stuff I have is mostly coded directly in Lisp not rlisp…. So could anybody who knows how to please pass this request on to Vadim?

  • Arthur Norman
    Arthur Norman

    Thanks Thomas - that is just what is called for. I eill leaveJack to email him at sourceforge and draw his attention to this, but seing hib neing somebody who is involved with a wxWidgets front-end for maxima and being part way through trying to give the CSL version of Reduce a wxWidgets based front end (work at present stalled until the exam season is past) I view that as an exciting contact where once the GRG issue hs been lokked into I can ask how much of the wxMaxima front end might apply to or be usable with or just share good ideas with what is needed here! So THANKS.

  • Francis Wright
    Francis Wright

    I think the problem is that either the machine to which that URL points no longer exists or anonymous ftp is no longer supported (or possibly both). I managed to effect a reprieve a year or two ago, but I don't think that is feasible again. As a temporary measure, GRG 3.2 is available at (In fact, it has been there for a while, and GRG 3.1 and some other obsolete code is also available in the REDUCE directory.)

    This is probably the same code that Arthur referred to and I have no idea whether it still works. GR is not my area, and my colleague who put it on our FTP server has retired and moved elsewhere. If somebody who knows what they are doing with this code would like to put an updated version on SourceForge, which would be great, then I will happily remove it from centaur.

    Tony: Can you please update the URL at

    Thanks, Francis

  • Jack Dyson
    Jack Dyson

    Hello everyone,
    Please excuse the delay in my reply, I have been out on assignments. Thank you Francis for the link up there. I suppose it's time I got onto Vadim to alert him as to what is going on with his program …
    Regards, Jack