bug with plot?

  • I get an error when first executing a plot statement, including a plot interval, whose syntax is apparently correct:

    Reduce (Free CSL version), 07-Oct-10 ...
    plot(sin(x),x=(0 .. Pi))
    ***** Redundant operator

    Then, when executed after the successful execution of a plot statement without interval, it works fine:

    plot(sin(x),x=(0 .. Pi));

    Is it expected behavior or a bug?

  • Arthur Norman
    Arthur Norman

    Aha - I *think* this is bacause the plot package is set up so it autoloads on first use, but when it gets loaded that extends Reduec syntax to cope with the notation you use. So I hope that AFTER you have gone just "plot(sin x)" you could use the syntax that adds a range. But you need to go
       load_package gnuplot;
    before trying to plot (or with the CSL version there is a menu item to do that).

    At least this may explain what is goin on. Various packages introduce new syntax, not just plot…