On Sun, Jan 4, 2009 at 3:25 AM, Arthur Norman wrote:

> OK, I will try to respond. I will stress again that the open source version
> is very new, and in particular the layout of various files and the build
> sequence is not one that has been heavily used before. Also the group
> of developers that Tony had been lining up to run things have not yet
> all even registered with sourceforge, far less got the practicalities of
> supporting stuff in place. The current sets of files represent a desire to
> "get the code out there" with the hope that stability will in due course
> follow. But WITH LUCK this is all going to fly!!!!

I very much appreciate this approach and think you are doing the right
things at this point. "Stability" is not nearly so much an issue for
open source software as it is in the commercial world. I think what
counts more in open source is visibility and some indications of

> ...
> On Sat, 3 Jan 2009, Bill Page wrote:
>> The "TeX REDUCE interface" (tri) package is apparently part of
>> the distribution but I do not seem to be able to load it.
> ...
> The file "tri.red" has for some ages contains the wording
> "% All rights reserved.  Permission to copy without fee all  or  part  of
> % this  software  product is hereby granted provided that the copies are
> % not made or distributed for direct commercial  advantage,  this  copy-
> % right notice and its date appear,  and notice is given that copying is
> % by permission of the authors.  To copy otherwise requires a fee and/or
> % specific permission.  This  software  product  has  been  developed by
> % WERNER ANTWEILER  at the University of Cologne Computer Center,  West
> % Germany. The TeX-Reduce-Interface  has been totally written in REDUCE-
> % LISP."
> So despite Tony Hearn having their permission to include it in the
> commercial release of Reduce I have put it on hold in the public release
> and the file packages/package.map which contains a list showing which
> packages to build has the line for try commented out. I had probably
> intended to keep the file tri.red etc out of the distribution until this matter
> was fully resolved (the issue is one of who at the University of Koeln will
> have authority to give a formal agreement) but since it may be distributed
> pretty generally anyway life is not THAT bad... apart from the fact that
> the general script I ran to add BSD licenses everywhere added one to it.
> I will unwind that now (have done).
> So sorry that particular package is not yet fully available, since to
> include it in the BSD-build would comromise the BSD license. I believe
> I still count the terms above as "open source" sufficient that the code
> is proper to have on sourceforge, and if you are not going to use it
> commercially you could build it yourself (eg by just editing
> package.map and recompiling!)

It turns out that this package is one that I definitely require for
integrating REDUCE into the axiom-wiki web site since this system
attempts to render output from Axiom and REDUCE from the generated
LaTeX forms.

Editing 'package.map' and re-compiling worked fine. Thank you!

> WRT bug reports, at present I think that both Tony and I hope that the
> community of people active and actually fixing things will be growing,
> but you will be able to see the svn checkins and see who has been
> doing stuff so far....
> I think that my view is that getting visible traffic on the sourecforge
> developers forum and the bug tracker there will be a good thing in
> terms of making explanations like this globally visible and hence
> (maybe) needing less repetition, and it may also coax others into
> responses. So by all means email me direct, but if you can log bigs
> on sourceforge (perhaps especially if we can the close them so
> there is a display of responsive service there!!!!) that will be good.

Personally, I prefer an email list over the SourceForge "forum" web
interface. Some projects that I follow used to use the forum interface
but all have since implemented their own email list instead. But ok,
for now I will cross post this to the developers forum.

> I am hoping that one of the other Reduce developers will join in and
> get wiki and sourcefore front pages all tidy. Some people remain
> attached to their computers 24x7 all over Christmas - New Year while
> others may return and start looking all all of this harder over the next
> week or so.

Great. Although I am still uncertain how I could help and how much
time I will have available, please consider me also as a possible

Bill Page.