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#33 Chiliproject support / fork

Daniele Segato


Chiliproject is a fork of Redmine.
This plugin works until version 1.4.0 of Chiliproject and I don't know about later versions because I did not tested it.

I request to support chiliproject too or support it through a fork of this project.


  • Sven Krzyzak
    Sven Krzyzak

    I'm not happy about the fork.

    At the moment I must continuously adapt the changes from two projects - Redmine and Mylyn.

    How many forks should I support in the future? Only the one or two or ... ?
    My time is very limited - and the donations for this project are also very limited.

    Have a look at ChiliProject. Why this fork?
    Here https://www.chiliproject.org/projects/chiliproject/wiki/Why_Fork is a lot of blah blah blah. But there is no really reason for users.

    In my opinion exists no reason to support Chiliproject at the moment.
    But somebody can create a fork of our server-side-plugin - and continuously adapt later changes

    I'm sure this isn't the answer you hoped for.
    But that's my current position.

    Regards Sven

  • Daniele Segato
    Daniele Segato

    I can understand your position Sven.
    I can also agree with you when you say fork are almost always a bad thing.

    I was in the process of having to do a choice of tool for issue tracking and roadmap management.
    I choose Redmine and went to freenode on #redmine to ask some questions.

    Some user there, can't remember who, said that I should be using Chiliproject instead (I never heard about it before) and explained to me that some Redmine developers was unhappy on the way the project was evolving, it was turning to bloatware (according to them) and no plan was being made to fix it.

    At that time the fork was at the very beginning and Redmine was completely compatible with Chiliproject.
    I decided that Chiliproject would have been the better choice in the long run, I had to make a choice and it was a 50:50 anyway.

    Now, I think it's too early to see if I did the right choice or not... the worst thing, for now, is plugin compatibility.

    I asked chiliproject too to support their own for of your plugin, as you can see here: https://www.chiliproject.org/issues/456

    They said they will be willing to provide you (or anyone in your place) with all the informations needed but they can't, for now, support it directly.

    I don't know if the fork was good or bad and I think it's too early to take a position, we know they split efforts in two products but we don't know if there was a good reason or not.

    I can only say I really which to not loose the support to mylyn and I would be very happy to be of help but I can't grant to have the time supporting a fork. And I never written an Eclipse plugin nor I know Ruby so I'm not the right guy for the job :)

    If you change your mind I'll be happy to provide you, at least, with feedback and testing.

    Thank you and regards.

  • Roger Hunwicks
    Roger Hunwicks

    I have switched from Redmine to ChiliProject, and while I understand Sven's position I am keen to find a solution. I am documenting this information here in case it is useful to anyone else, rather than because I expect Sven to do anything with it.

    I'm using Chili 3.0.0 with Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo). When using the current version of the Redmine plugin (2.7.6) and connecting using an API key I can create the repository fine but when I attempt to create a Task query it gives an error: @Server Error : undefined method `visible_condition for #<Class:0x7f031db53b10>@

    It seems that the specific error I am getting is caused by changes to the Redmine plugin introduced with the most recent version (2.7.6) to support the issue visibility features in Redmine (see "here":http://www.redmine.org/issues/7412).

    Therefore, for the time being I have managed to get the plugin to work with ChiliProject with:

    cd $CHILI_ROOT
    sudo git clone git://redmin-mylyncon.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/redmin-mylyncon/redmine-mylyn-connector vendor/chiliproject_plugins/redmine-mylyn-connector
    cd vendor/chiliproject_plugins/redmine-mylyn-connector
    sudo git checkout 2.7.5

    How long this will work for I don't know, but it suits me for now!

    Ideally someone with Java and Ruby skills will offer to fork this project and support it, but that seems like "a big ask".

    Another viable approach is to add update sites for http://download.eclipse.org/mylyn/snapshots/indigo and http://download.eclipse.org/mylyn/incubator/3.7 to Eclipse and then install the _Mylyn Tasks Connector: Web Templates_ - this is how we used to do it before the Redmine-Mylyn Connector existed.

  • Daniele Segato
    Daniele Segato

    Hi Sven,

    can you give an idea of the effort needed to maintain the project aligned to mylyn updates?
    In the case one want to step in and maintain a fork, thanks