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RDFLib-0.9.0 Released

RDFLib 0.9.0 is the first release as a separate package of Redfoot's
RDF library. It is being made available as a separate package to allow
its release schedule to be independent of Redfoot's. As a result, we
will be releasing a stable version of the RDF functionality sooner
than if we had a single Redfoot package.

Posted by Daniel Krech 2002-06-07

Redfoot 1.5.1 Released

Redfoot 1.5.1, the second release in a new development series[1] is now available. This release introduces a console interface, adds more documentation, and contains a fair amount of cleanup. Look for additional functionality to be introduced in the next couple releases before we begin to start shifting focus to stabilizing for a 1.6.0 release[1].


Posted by Daniel Krech 2002-04-24

Redfoot 1.5.0 Released

Redfoot 1.5.0, the first release in a new development series[1] of Redfoot is now available. Based on the changes we will be making, we have called this release 1.5.0 as we now work towards a 1.6.0 stable release[1]. There are known bugs in 1.5.0, as well as parts that are not yet tested. Look for a 1.5.1 release to soon follow.

Thank you for all your feedback -- keep it coming!


Posted by Daniel Krech 2002-04-14

Redfoot 1.1.0 to be released next week

A development release of Redfoot 1.1.0 should happen by next Thursday April 11. The release will mark the beginning of a series of development releases and will end in a stable 1.2.0 release. Have any features you would like to see in Redfoot? Let us know by sending your feature requests to the redfoot-general mailing list [1] or entering them into the project feature tracker!

[1] read more

Posted by Daniel Krech 2002-04-04

Redfoot celebrates birthday with 1.0 release

We are delighted to announce the release of Redfoot 1.0. Today marks the one year anniversary of the initial project submission to SourceForge and so what better way to celebrate Redfoot's first birthday than by releasing version 1.0.

Posted by James Tauber 2001-09-07

Third Redfoot 1.0 Candidate Released

This release fixes all reported bugs in preparation for the 1.0 release on September 7th.

Posted by James Tauber 2001-09-04

Second Redfoot 1.0 Candidate Released

This release fixes all reported bugs and adds minor features in preparation for the 1.0 release on September 7th.

Posted by James Tauber 2001-08-28

First Redfoot 1.0 Candidate Released

This release fixes bugs and adds minor features and refactors in
preparation for a 1.0 release.

Posted by James Tauber 2001-08-21

Redfoot 0.9.9 Released

Redfoot 0.9.9 is now imported into the sourceforge CVS and has been
released. This version is a complete rewrite from the ground up and has
a much cleaner architecture that will support the continuing development
of Redfoot well into 1.x and beyond.

0.9.9 should be viewed as a beta for 1.0 (to be released in the first half
September). We would appreciate as much feedback on 0.9.9 as possible
to help make 1.0 as stable and easy to use as possible.... read more

Posted by James Tauber 2001-08-15

Redfoot 0.9.9 to be released next week

We're excited to announce that the upcoming release of Redfoot 0.9.9 should
happen next Tuesday August 14.

It's taken a while as this version represents a complete rewrite.

The forthcoming release should be considered a beta for the 1.0 release
which will follow shortly afterwards.

We haven't imported the new code into sourceforge's CVS yet, but that will
happen before Tuesday.

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up.... read more

Posted by Daniel Krech 2001-08-07


- added LICENSE to __init__ files
- fixes tar / untar problem on zero length files
- fixed issues regaurding Python2.1
- added workaround for lack of support for namespace_separator of ''
- fixed trailing slash problem in URI for generic

Posted by Daniel Krech 2001-04-27

Redfoot 0.9.6

Yet another release on our quest towards Redfoot 1.0

We've done a lot of work to make it easier to write applications on top of Redfoot including a cleaner notion of modules (we've included the beginnings of modules like RSS and authentication) and improvements to the "RedCode" language for combining Python and XHTML.

See CHANGELOG ( for a more detailed list of changes. ... read more

Posted by James Tauber 2001-04-25

Redfoot 0.9.5

Another release on our quest towards Redfoot 1.0

Applications can now be build on top of a RedServer by writing a handler class (called UI) and "two lines of Python". See apps/ for example.

See CHANGELOG ( for a more detailed list of changes.

Posted by Daniel Krech 2001-03-28

Redfoot 0.9.4

Finally release another version.

- added 'copy' button to edit page
- edit now adds required properties if they are not already present
- first pass implementation of redpages
- added experimental journaling store (JournalingStoreIO)
- initial attempt at generating dot for graphviz
- can now add properties to an unknown resource using edit
- class list now lists typeless resources
- changed menu names (distinction between abstract and external resources)... read more

Posted by James Tauber 2001-02-19

Redfoot 0.9.3

- a number of bug fixes
- a number of performance improvements
- a large number of refactors to make code
cleaner and easier to understand (including
complete refactor of rdf library)
- improved documentation
- Added support for cookies and sessions in BNH
- Added autosave capability
- added a test of new UI for picking resources
- download RDF and view Triples now can take
subject, predicate, object parameters to query
- now alphabetically sorts possible values for
- show/hide neighbour applies to Triples view
too now

Posted by James Tauber 2000-12-16

Redfoot 0.9.2

We've released version 0.9.2 of Redfoot. Changes are:

- fixed bug that was causing problems when trying to save when on the
edit page
- fixed Unknown Attribute property_num bug introduced just before 0.9.1
- fixed string index out of range bug in serializer

- added authentication to sample
- added support for cookies and sessions

- cleaned up handler interface
- refactored how parameters are accessed (no more [0]'s)
- prefixed a number of methods and variables with _ to indicate they are
- changed a number of methods to mixed case for consistency
- added a setHeader method on response -- headers where hardcoded before
- replaced writer with response as writer predates and is redundant with
response... read more

Posted by James Tauber 2000-11-04

Redfoot 0.9.1

Redfoot is a framework for distributed RDF-based applications, written in Python. It includes an RDF database, a query API for RDF with numerous higher-level query functions, an RDF parser and serializer, a simple HTTP server providing a Web interface for viewing and editing RDF, and the beginnings of a peer-to-peer architecture for communication between different RDF databases.

Changes: This release fixes a bug which caused the server to hang under load, and includes better exception handling. New features include numerous refactors, a new directory structure, better menu bar item descriptions and labels, a sample custom UI, the ability to list resource by class, a -P option to pass the path from server root to RDF, complete add(type) support, and various improvements to BNH's handler interface.

Posted by Daniel Krech 2000-10-27

Redfoot 0.9.0

The first version of Redfoot has now been released.

Redfoot is a framework for distributed RDF-based applications, written in Python by James Tauber and Daniel Krech.

Although the peer-to-peer functionality is embryonic, the RDF viewing/editing capabilities are of beta quality.

Posted by James Tauber 2000-10-14