The reCsvEditor is a cross platform editor for Csv Files. It supports a wide variety of Field delimiters, very large files and Unicode Files. Program is based on RecordEditor . When editing a file initially it will be displayed in a table format:

table view

The program supports a number of different views of the File including a Single Record View

Single Record


Program features include

  • Supports for very large Files.
  • Supports just about any character being used as a field separators - Tabs, comma's, colons, semi colons, hex chars (i.e. x'00', x'FA') etc.
  • Columns can be added, moved and copied.
  • Field Separator / Quotes can be changed.
  • Fields can be both hidden and Fixed in position (Right Click Menu)
  • Multiple File Views are Supported including
  • Record View - Display a single record with fields going down the page.
  • Filtered View - Select Records / Fields to be displayed.
    -Sorted Tree View - Gives a Sort / Summary of the file with individual records as leaf's in the tree
    -Column View - Rows / Columns swapped.
  • Files can be exports as Fixed Width Text or Xml or Html or via Velocity Template (needs separate velocity Download).
  • Forms part of a family of Editors (RecordEditor , Avro Editor and Protocol Buffers Editor). All the programs use a common core, so moving from one to the other should be easy.

Program Requirements

  • Java 1.6