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Preset CSV edit options?


  • Anonymous


    first thanks a lot for the nice csv editor.
    We edit a couple of csv files with a special setting. The problem is that we
    can not configure the edit settings to be default. Is there any config to set the
    default csv edit settings? So that it comes with a default seperator, quotation
    character and also if to use the first line as culomn headings?



  • Anonymous

    Please note I am holiday at the moment and keyboard on my netbook is stuffed hence the spelling errors.

    For the most part recsveditor should work these out. Can you explain which options you want to set and why ???. I sould be able to provide a better answer

    Possible options include:

    1) Sister program RecordEditor. It works by defining a schema which you use to edit the file.
    Issues: Csv file definition needs work
    2) On the Edit Menu, there are two options 2 save the current schema as xml and load an xml schema. These options work when editing a file.
    This option is more for applying very specific options on a file by file basis
    The saved Xml Schema can also be used I the fixed width screen.

    This is probably an area where I should do some more work


  • Anonymous

    Hi, Thanks for this editor and I am very new to this. I am working with Csv files consisting of about 2mn records. I have the following queries:

    How to delete all the records,where a certain field is empty, in a single go

    how to append columns from a another file by matching the event times?

    Thank you

  • Bruce Martin
    Bruce Martin

    For How to delete all the records,where a certain field is empty, in a single go

    1.Select filter option
    2.Select the field you want to test
    3.Set the operator to is empty
    4.On the new view, select every record (ctrl-a) and delete them (delete key).

    See the attached zip file (contains this in HTML with pictures


    • Anonymous

      Thanks a lot Bruce. But I got a message every 300000 items asking whether to continue which stopped at 900000. No result was displayed, though!

      Sorry for the trouble. But hope you can help me out!


      • Bruce Martin
        Bruce Martin

        I am guessing reCsvEditor stopped working at the 9000000 record mark.

        What I think is happening is this is a large file, for large files, recsveditor will
        compress everything to save on memory. The filter process will un-compress lines
        as it builds the "filtered" view but it has run short of memory.

        One possibility is to run a script (unzip the download and have a look at the html).

        but basically the script would look like:

         * Delete all records when a Field (field=Loc_Addr_Ln1 in this example) is empty (blank)
        for (i = RecordEditorData.view.getRowCount()-1; i >= 0; i--) {
            line = RecordEditorData.view.getLine(i);
            if (line.getFieldValue("Loc_Addr_Ln1").asString() == "") {

        where Loc_Addr_Ln1 is the field being tested.

        I will have a bit more of a look at this in the morning

  • Bruce Martin
    Bruce Martin

    for how to append columns from a another file by matching the event times?
    I presume the other file is a CSV file ???

    There is not a specific function to do this at present. A DB (e.g. MS-Access) can do do it quite easily or you could write a macro script (in reCsvEditor) to do it.

    I might look at adding the function



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