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[r602] (HEAD) by enselic

Update german translations, patch by Daniel Schemala

2010-01-30 10:02:37 Tree
[r601] by enselic

Fix "uint_32_t truncation of cache compression statistics"

Apply patch from Piotr Engelking that fix integer overflow issues
for cache statistics. The patch is attached to this bug report:

recordmydesktop: uint_32_t truncation of cache compression statistics

2009-11-08 18:32:44 Tree
[r600] by enselic

Apply patch from Dominic Evans that fixes capturing of window
decorations when compiz is running.

2009-06-05 16:26:52 Tree
[r599] by enselic

Applied patch from Kevin Lo that fixes compilation on FreeBSD by
addressing include and format string issues.

2009-03-12 07:09:01 Tree
[r598] by enselic

src/rmd_parseargs.c: Remove 'static' keyword (which belonged to an
incomplete static variable declaration).

2009-01-11 14:33:07 Tree
[r597] by enselic

src/rmd_parseargs.c: Remove comment that accidentally was commited.

2009-01-11 14:29:19 Tree
[r596] by enselic

src/rmd_parseargs.c: Stop parsing on error and report the error.

2009-01-11 11:54:29 Tree
[r595] by enselic

src/rmd_parseargs.c: Fix minor formating issues.

2009-01-11 11:45:46 Tree
[r594] by enselic

src/rmd_parseargs.c: Make sure all options have longarg variants as
this makes the --help output look nicer.

2009-01-11 11:41:58 Tree
[r593] by enselic Link with libpopt.

src/rmd_parseargs.c: Port to libpopt.

2009-01-11 11:39:18 Tree
[r592] by enselic

src/rmd_get_frame.c: Work around issue with underflow in
rmdBlocksFromList(). I call this a "workaround" because the whole code
base needs to stop using unsigned so much IMO.

2009-01-11 11:08:25 Tree
[r591] by enselic

src/rmd_types.h: Make ProgArgs::width,height signed as that is what
they are parsed as.

2009-01-11 10:27:57 Tree
[r590] by enselic

src/*.c: Namescape all functions for consistency and general codebase
sanity (previously only a few rmd functions were namespaced).

2009-01-10 20:00:06 Tree
[r589] by enselic

src/rmd_parseargs.c: Remove silent backwards compatibility for
-longoptions in preparation for libpopt migration.

2009-01-10 12:43:52 Tree
[r588] by enselic

src/rmd_types.h: Make ProgArgs::jack_port_names a fixed size
100-element array.

src/rmd_initialize_data.c: Reset ProgArgs::jack_port_names using

src/rmd_parseargs.c: With ProgArgs::jack_port_names as a fixed size
array we can read the --use-jack options in a single pass which makes
the code more libpopt migration friendly.

2009-01-10 11:57:10 Tree
[r587] by enselic Fix check for libjack by adding default actions to

2009-01-10 11:35:06 Tree
[r586] by enselic

src/rmd_parseargs.c: Put configure-time option dependent stuff in
PrintConfig outside the function as this makes the code a bit nicer to

2009-01-08 19:05:06 Tree
[r585] by enselic

src/rmd_parseargs.c: Reformat the Usage:-message and make the code
structure reflect the outputted message structure.

2009-01-07 22:01:04 Tree
[r584] by iovar

Version changes.

2008-12-13 17:46:41 Tree
[r583] by iovar

Added missing stdio.h and errno.h headers in any
files that needed them (could cause compilation failure on
some platforms). Also, rearranged the sequence with which include's
happen, so that any missing headers will be more likely to
show up as copilation errors, in the future.
rmd_yuv_utils.[ch] and rmd_block_utils.[ch] have been merged
within the former, as they deal with the same subject (converting
rgb buffers to yuv ones, with the only difference that rmd_block_utils
had the double-buffer convertions while rmd_yuv_utils dealt with the
single-buffered ones). Their headers also had the a circular dependency
(rmd_yuv_utils.h included rmd_block_utils.h and vice-versa).
rmd_math.[ch] was added. This file holds now the rmdRoundf function
which is a portable implementation of roundf (which depends on C99).
The reasoning behind the addition of these files, is that they might
hold more purely mathematical functions, in the future.

2008-12-13 17:20:24 Tree
[r582] by iovar

tagging release 0.3.8 for [qt/gtk]-recordMyDesktop

2008-11-23 15:51:26 Tree
[r581] by iovar

ChangeLog entries and version changes in,
for 0.3.8 release ([qt/gtk]-recordMyDesktop)

2008-11-23 15:05:38 Tree
[r580] by iovar

src/rmd_cache.c, src/rmd_cache_frame.c, src/rmd_get_frame.c,
src/rmd_init_encoder.c, src/rmd_poll_events.c, src/rmd_rectinsert.c,
src/rmd_rectinsert.h, src/rmd_rescue.c, src/rmd_setbrwindow.c,
src/rmd_specsfile.c, src/rmd_types.h, src/rmd_update_image.c,
src/test-rectinsert-data.c, src/test-rectinsert-types.h, src/test-rectinsert.c:
Replaced the custom WGeometry struct-type with the Xlib-provided XRectangle type.
Since XRectangle has unsigned width and height, any places in the code where
-1 was used in these members of WGeometry to denote invalid rects, where changed
to 0 ( zero width or height rects are also considered invalid, wherever met).
Also, the following variable renames happened : wgeom => xrect, rgeom => rrect,
geom => rect and so on. Some other minor changes in this commit are all related
to this type change and also the fact that WGeometry had members of type int,
while XRectangle is comprised of short members.

2008-11-22 16:39:04 Tree
[r579] by iovar

Readded qt-recordmydesktop.png, qt-recordmydesktop.svg
in EXTRA_DIST of src/ since they were removed by mistake.

2008-11-22 15:58:54 Tree
[r578] by iovar

Changed qt-recordMyDesktop's license to GPL version 3 (or later).
All license headers have been changed to reflect this change and COPYING.gpl3 has been added with
the full text of the license. Also, the previous record/pause/stop icons and their source svg's
have been removed and replaced with equivalents from the Oxygen project, provided under the
GNU-LGPL version 3 (or later). COPYING.lgpl3 and COPYING.icons have been added to provide
the neccessary information. and src/ have been modified to reflect
this change in the project files. Version changed in, to 0.3.8-cvs

2008-11-22 10:58:07 Tree
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