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This is a bugfixing release addressing some critical bugs:

* Corrected segmentation fault when recording non-fullscreen areas
All recording of areas with x and/or y not zero is broken in 0.3.5.
Many thanks to Sander Jansen for providing the bug-report and the
solution to this problem.

* Corrected incorrect allocation of queued sound buffers
(Caused segmentation faults in FreeBSD,
possibly on non x86 linux platforms, too)
* Corrected dlopen lookup on *bsd (libc instead of libdl),
which blocked recordMyDesktop from being compiled with
Jack support on this platform.
Thanks to Kevin Lo for reporting the above two problems.

The first bug was introduced in 0.3.5 while the other two
exist in previous versions, too.

Posted by John Varouhakis 2013-06-03