ok great program but i have some suggestions and i would really love it if you could implement this in the next updates
1.selecting which screen needs to be severely updated.
its' really confusing how this works. camtasia seems to have like 3 or 4 options of which screen you would like to record. for example its really hard for me to even record the whole screen. i know how to use the red to pick which window but it's not that great.
2. when you are done recording a hot key would be nice to click on to stop and record again. also when done it would be nice for there to be a way to have save options.i see that you have a save as button. but i think it would be cool if it were a wizard kind of thing like camtasia. camtasia has been doing this for a long time so they really have figured out everything possible for screen capture.all i'm saying is a wizard after screen capturing would be nice.
3. it would be cool if you had a movie maker so you could do zoom ins and zoom outs. i make tutorials for youtube and i love this option with camtasia. this allows me to make very clear and zoomed in movies so people can actually see what i'm doing.
4. it would be cool if we could record in HD. youtube now supports this and i would love to be able to do this. i want to make tutorials for Ubuntu and put them on Youtube. please make these changes. this would be awesome!versuviusx@yahoo.com