choppy audio

  • Hello is there a way to make the audio less choppy? Am I doing something wrong
    in my command line?

    recordmydesktop -s_quality 10 -freq 44100 -x 800 -y 600 but any sort of movement of windows during the recording makes the audio skip.

    Anyway I can combat this?

    • -s_quality 10 is not needed, since that's the default.

      Are you using the latest version (0.3.0*) ?
      The problem with sound skipping should not appear on any version from 0.2.6
      and later, unless of course the program drives the CPU at its limits all the time.

      In any case, please check the version of the program (you can do this by running
      recordmydesktop --version).

      If you are on a pre-0.3 version please upgrade to the latest version and if the
      problem persists, contact me again.

      Also if you are on an old version and for some reason you can't upgrade
      (e.g. using packages from some repository), the only way to minimize this
      effect, is by lowering the width-height settings and the framerate. But on any
      version from 0.2.5 and below, it is not possible to completely get rid of this,
      as the program deliberately throws sound buffers to keep the audio-video streams
      on sync (later versions don't drop any sound).


      • Hi, thanks for replying.

        I got the latest src and compiled it, this time it was much better and actually closing firefox also helped, now there was no skipping at all.