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audio problem with Jack

  • When I try to captur audio using Jack I get an error - "recordmydesktop has exited with status 3584 - cannot load the Jack library (dlopen/dlsym error on libjack.so.

    Jack is running and I see the ports in the advanced settings.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Whenever you see this failure message there is a file created in
      your home directory, named qt-recordMyDesktop-crash.log or
      gtk-recordMyDesktop-crash.log, depending on what interface you use.

      Can you post here the contents of this file?

      Also other usefull information that might come handy:
      1) your distribution and its version.
      2) recordMyDesktop's version (recordmydesktop --version)
      3) jack's version (jackd --version)
      4) how you obtained and isntalled both programs
        (source tarballs, distribution method)

      Generally the error you get means that libjack.so
      wasn't found, but it might also mean that there's
      some binary incompatible change in jack's api
      which prevents the library from being loaded.

    • Thanks for the help.
      Below is the content of the crash log and info you requested.  It looks like you are correct it has to do with the libjack.so.

      Ubuntu Gutsy
      installed recordmydesktop from synaptic 3.4.1
      installed jack version 0.103.0 from synaptic

      Also, I am able to record without using Jack but the sound keeps popping so I was hoping that running it through Jack would give a cleaner audio.  Unless their is some way to fix the popping.

      again, thanks for your help

    • >> Below is the content of the crash log

      Forgot to paste the crash log ;) ?

      In the meantime you can read this post since it
      probably applies to your case, too :


      (to sum it up, try plughw:0,0 for sound device
      and also try  to use values>=8192 for the -buffer-size
      commandline option)

    • Sorry about that - in the meantime I will look over your suggestions.

      #This is the command given at initialization:
      recordmydesktop -o /home/swoskow/out.ogg -fps 15 -x 80 -y 144 -width 944 -height 588 -channels 1 -freq 22050 -device hw:Intel,o -v_quality 63 -s_quality 10 -workdir /tmp

      #recordMyDesktop stderror output:
      Initial recording window is set to:
      X:80   Y:144    Width:944    Height:588
      Adjusted recording window is set to:
      X:80   Y:142    Width:944    Height:592
      Your window manager appears to be Metacity

      Buffer size adjusted to 4096 from 4096 frames.
      ALSA lib conf.c:3868:(parse_args) Parameter DEV must be an integer
      ALSA lib conf.c:3966:(snd_config_expand) Parse arguments error: Invalid argument
      ALSA lib pcm.c:2144:(snd_pcm_open_noupdate) Unknown PCM hw:Intel,o
      Couldn't open PCM device hw:Intel,o
      Error while opening/configuring soundcard hw:Intel,o
      Try running with the --no-sound or specify a correct device.

    • Ignore the post above - that was from a different computer - this is the correct crash file:

      #This is the command given at initialization:
      recordmydesktop -o /home/swoskow-dell/azureus_intro.ogg -fps 15 -x 300 -y 160 -width 792 -height 568 -channels 2 -freq 22050 -v_quality 63 -s_quality 10 -workdir /tmp --on-the-fly-encoding -use-jack

      #recordMyDesktop stderror output:
      Argument Usage: -use-jack port1 port2... portn

    • Acording to the output you haven't selected any jack ports.
      You can find more information about sound settings here:
      (To select ports, go to Advanced->Sound, hold ctrl and click
      on the ones you want from the "Available Ports" list )

      But, the first error message that you posted
      does not correspond to this error, so make sure
      that you have selected some jack ports. You need to
      check them every time you launch recordMyDesktop,
      since if jackd isn't running the selection is reset
      (and if you try to start recording with no
      ports, you get an error about arguments parsing).

      So, run gtk-recordMyDesktop, open Advanced->sound tab
      and make sure you have at least one port selected ,
      e.g alsa_pcm:capture_1.

      Then run recordMyDesktop and if it exits with an error
      post the contents of the crash log here.