is possible to...?

  • Is possible to make a video while registering the audio from music that are ou listening to? what i mean is if is possible to capture the video and the sound of a song that is being played on my pc

    Hope i make the point

    • Yes, it is possible. You just have to configure your soundcard with
      a mixer program, like kmix. You can find some more information here:

      Your distribution's forums or irc channel might also be good places,
      for obtaining information on how exactly to configure your soundcard.

    • ok right but when i open recordmydesktop i have to go to advanced then to audio and in the box  i have to write something? at hte moment there is "DEFAULT"... any idea? i ve downloaded also alsamixar and enabled everything... but still doesnt work, ideas?

      p.s. i have ubuntu hardy 8.04.