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How about adding GLib?

  • Hello,

    I was wondering if depending on GLib could be acceptable?

    I'm very keen on hacking a bit on recordMyDesktop and I noted the parseargs.c beast. GLib is very common library and it offers e.g. a neat command args parsing system. Would it be a waste to write a patch that polishes this code?

    Best regards,
      Martin Nordholts

    • Hi there,

      Glib indeed is very common and will not be a problem as a dependency.
      And of course any contribution in the form of code,
      would be most welcome in this project.

      I'm well aware of the state of the code, so if you feel like rewriting parseargs.c
      in a more sane way, please do so.
      If you have any questions or comments on the code (or anything else regarding this project)
      you can contact me directly at <johnvarouhakis <at> gmail <dot> com>.
      The forums are fine too, of course , as I get notifications on posts.

      I'll be waiting to hear from you.


      P.S. I use spaces for indentation(1 tab=4 spaces)
      and keep the code <=80 columns wide. Opening brackets
      are at the same line with the function or statement
      (unless it's a multiline declaration). Closing ones
      are indented at the same level as the initial function/statement.
      Breaking of function arguments in lines is not consistent and
      relies mostly on how many there are and if it helps readability.
      The 80-column limit doesn't apply(yet) in gtk-recordMyDesktop .