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#55 Stops updating when switching virtual terminals in Lucid



Recording stops updating video when switching to a new virtual terminal (Control-Alt F2 for example) in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid. A small box around the mouse updates for one frame, then stops.

In Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic, the recording continues and allows you to see everything happening on the new screen.


The actual video data *is* actually recorded to the img.out temp file.


Reverting to the "libtheora-bin" and "libtheora0" packages from Karmic bring things back to normal.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Start a recording on a virtual terminal from the command line.

2. Switch to your Linux desktop

3. Switch back to the virtual terminal and stop the recording.

4. *optional - Switch back to your Linux desktop and quickly copy the /tmp files before recordmydesktop removes them

5. View recording, the actions on your Linux Desktop will be replaced by a black screen.

6. Type this in a terminal - "sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list" and Add the following lines:

deb karmic main restricted
deb karmic universe
deb karmic multiverse

7. Open Synaptic and reload the files.

8. Do a search for libtheora, highlight the package "libtheora-bin" and select Package -> Force Version -> Karmic. Do the same for package "libtheora0" and hit Apply.

9. Perform the same test from 1-3 and you'll see the screen is captured this time.

NOTE: To prove the second screen *was* captured the first time, but not encoded to the .ogv file, use recordmydesktop- (newer versions don't work) and perform a -rescue operation on the /tmp files you saved from step 4. The second screen will be visible.


  • DodgeV83

    • priority: 5 --> 9
  • DodgeV83

    Note: Encoding is orders of magnitude FASTER with the karmic libtheora