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#19 recordMyDesktop fails to encode in multiple situations


25% of the time recording the desktop without sound works. If I'm recording with sound, this brings my chances of success down to about 5-10%. If it actually does record with sound, the sound will be totally screwed up, and play at super speed at the beginning of the video output. I have noticed that it opens up multiple recordMyDesktop processes that I have to manually kill. Also, an overwhelming majority of the time, when I go to encode, it'll hang right there at 0.00%.

When I run it from the commandline, I have increased chances of success, but it seems to be throwing a lot of errors. I have attached a trace of what is being output in my terminal. A problem seems to surface when I'm recording more than 10 seconds of video: what will happen is it'll become unresponsive after about 10 seconds, and CTRL+C won't do anything. When recording sound, I get the same results as mentioned above, and my rate of success is diminished a bit.

I basically can't record my desktop reliably. I don't know if this is something native to my machine, but is there anything I can try, any more information I can give about the problem?

I'm running Ubuntu 8.04. Please see the attached backtrace of what recordMyDesktop commandline is giving out in my terminal.


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    Backtrace of the errors being displayed in my terminal.

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