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RecordEditor 0.94.4

The RecordEditor is Data file Editor for Fixed Width (Text, binary, cobol), Csv and Xml Data files.
For Fixed width files, it can import Cobol Copybooks.

Changes Version 0.94.4:

  • Added basic Script-Editor to the Script-Run dialog
  • Extra Functions / Methods for use in Macro Scripts, More example scripts and Script-Documentation.
  • Problem fix's and general cleanup.
  • New Script HeadefFooterTabs.js that creates seperate header/detail/footer views for Header, Detail, Footer files.
  • Updates to How to documentation.

Download Page: https://sourceforge.net/projects/record-editor/files/Current_Test_Version/Version_0.94.4/
Website: http://record-editor.sourceforge.net/

Posted by Bruce Martin 2013-06-17