Directory where hte Editor Starts in

  • Kelly Carter
    Kelly Carter

    In Edit >> Edit Options >> Properties, the setting "Directory where hte Editor
    Starts in (if no file specified)" is not working on my install.

    I'm running under Windows 7

    Can this be fixed? It would be very helpful because every time I launch the
    app I have to navigate to my source file directory since the location cannot
    be saved as a setting.


  • Bruce Martin
    Bruce Martin

    I will try and get a fix out for next week.

    As a work around, either the following should work:
    * Enter / paste text directly into the Start Directory Text Field
    * Exit Start Directory Text Field
    * Click the save button
    * Select the directory using the Choosle directory button
    * Add /* to the end of the dirctory
    * click the save button

    The problem is there is a missing listner on the ChooseFileButton (but it is
    the text field) any changes made via the text box should work.

    You should be able to start the RecordEditor using the right click >>>
    Record Edit
    in windows explorer

  • Kelly Carter
    Kelly Carter

    There is no Save button on that screen. (version 090 MSAccess).

    Also, I haven't been able to get RecordEditor to display on the popup menu
    when right clicking on a file in Windows Explorer. I guess there's some issue
    with the RecordEditor installer.

  • Bruce Martin
    Bruce Martin

    Another option is to set up a send to menu item.
    see send-to-menu/

    1) open windows explorer
    2) enter %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo in the directory at the top
    3) Go to Windows Menu, then Record-Editor
    4) On the Full Editor do right click >>> Copy
    5) Go back to send to directory (step 2)
    6) paste the Full editor in this directory

    You should then be able to do Right Click >>> Send To >>> Full Editor

  • Bruce Martin
    Bruce Martin

    Should be able to update the Directory where the Editor Starts in version