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recon (server reconnaissance) / News: Recent posts

Finished hacking

Recon has most of the features I wanted, it's been polished it off with some customized graphics, so I'll probably quit hacking on it for a while. It's a decent server browser for quake3 so if you have a need for such a thing, enjoy!

I'm sure I'll return to it to add some more features as I think of a need, but will spend most of my development time on other projects.

Posted by Joe Brown 2003-04-11

Recon goes Beta

It's becoming a good game server browser for quake3. Many of my quake 3 friends have used it on Linux and Windows platforms and like it.

The net code is clean enough that it's progressed beyond alpha stage. 3 weeks development time is is pretty short considering the complexity of some of the stuff it does.

I have to thank Python and wxPython teams for their hard work making such excellent programming tools available.

Posted by Joe Brown 2003-03-26

Phew, major re-write not necessary

Had quit looking for ways to have sockets timeout on Linux when I ran across asyncore module. This module (although I dont' use it) has lots of promise. If you find this module interesting, you might want to look for the medusa project.

I suggested to python-doc that the see-also section of socket be ammended to include select and asyncore. Hopefully that will, and save others from the same trials and trivulations.... read more

Posted by Joe Brown 2003-03-23

Development is booming

It's been less than 2 weeks since I started this project, and I've already posted 2 releases. After I made the second release (threaded server pings), I've added one or two features I really wanted. There's a few more on my wish list, but the filter/find option works great, and it was a breeze to implement. Gawd, I like Python! For a programming language, it's almost a little too easy sometimes. :)

Posted by Joe Brown 2003-03-19