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MT plugin stalls after "Going to import.."

  • syd01

    Hi there

    I've successfully installed refeed and started processing away. 

    In refeed, the only problem I've noticed is a couple of errors if I click "Manage" next to a feed on the main index.php page.  They are: Line 89 Char 5 Error 'nodeName' is null or not an object and Line 40 Char 25 Expected '}'  That's not getting in the way of anything.

    My problem's in Movable Type.

    At my Dreamhost installation, I'm able to click "Import Entries from your Reblog Source Feed" and everything works a treat.

    But at my main ISP (te one I should be using day-to-day), there's a big problem.  After I click on the link, the page returns:
    Going to import entries from http://www.urlhere.../out/rss.php
    .. and nothing else

    As far as IE's concerned, all is done.  The HTML of the page has that line of text, two <BR>'s and that's it.

    On the host I have PHP4.4.6 installed (phpinfo's here\)  Other versions are:
    Server Operating System Debian Stable
    Webserver Software Zeus 4.3
    CGI/Perl 5.6.1 (modules available) 
    Python 2.1
    Zend Optimiser 2.1
    GD library 2.0+

    Anyone have any ideas?

    thanks in advance, Chris