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RebeccaAIML 0.9871 (Edmondson) released


I now include the executable, regression, in both the Windows and Linux prebuilt packages. This is for downloaders to be able to verify the quality of Rebecca for the version they download.

I also added the regression test suite to the autoconf build system where it builds it by default. This is for those who port RebeccaAIML
to another platform to be able to run regression tests to ensure the quality of the port. Use "./configure --help" to see all the autoconf
options available.

Updated the code for the regression testing. It now uses header and footer html files in resources/testing instead of having the html
hard coded. Fixed it to output <br/> instead of the incorrect <br> for html page breaks. I also improved it to be dll boundary safe by
having it use Tag::instanceOf() instead of dynamically casting through dynamic_cast<>().

I also added an Arguments class to regression to enable a smooth transition over to autoconf

Posted by 2006-09-08