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1 Million Downloads

Hard to believe, but in July we passed 1 Million downloads from Sourceforge in the 12 years since joining SF.
Amazingly, Realterm is still getting more popular with the download rate continuing to rise each year.

After a long stable period, V3 is in development with many bug fixes and improvements.

And of course thanks to the 0.01% of users who have donated. Donations have let us upgrade Delphi, code sign the executables, and add spy drivers.
Without donations development would have stopped several years ago.

Posted by Simon Bridger 2014-10-01

Beta version

V3 has moved out of Alpha, Try the Beta version.
The V3 series is now built with Delphi DEX2, and there may be some subtle changes due to this.
There have been many changes, read the Changelog

Beta versions may be downloaded from

Posted by Simon Bridger 2014-10-01

Signed Installer for Stable V2.0.0.70

The installer and executable is now code signed for security and easier installation.
Download this version from Sourceforge

Posted by Simon Bridger 2014-10-01

New Release now available from SF download.
XP compatible, complete installer with fonts, examples and source.

Posted by Simon Bridger 2008-02-28