With Windows 7: Exception EOoleSyserror

4 days ago
  • When I try to run realterm, I get the message:

        Exception EOoleSyserror in module realterm.exe at <a hex address>. Error accessing the OLE registry.

    I'm also unable to start the exe with the /regserver argument.


  • Have the same problem, Some help please..

  • The application needs to be executed as an administrator.

    Go to the properties for the realterm.exe, compatability tab, and choose "Run this program as an administrator".  This will bring up the UAC when the application is executed.

  • Thanks! It helps


  • Anonymous

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  • Simon Bridger
    Simon Bridger
    4 days ago

    Note the current beta versions should not have this problem, as the installer should run itself with admin privileges



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