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We now have the forums up and running at A place to meet and exchange thoughts on Magic Realm the boardgame as well as the Realms of Magic project.

Go there and say hi. :)

Posted by Tomas Björklund 2004-02-24

Onwards and including MR font

Anyway, I'm trudging on all by my lonesome for the moment. One of my team members has disappeared without a trace and another has told me he needs to take care of family and work, which leaves me doing this by myself for the moment.

I'm not complaining, mind you. I enjoy doing this project and don't mind the work, but I wanted you to know how things are with the project.

Anyway, the good news is that Robin Warren has been kind enough to contribute his Magic Realm Font to the project, letting us use it for the images on the chits. Thanks Robin, this really helps and save me the hours needed to scan and process all those graphics.... read more

Posted by Tomas Björklund 2004-02-23

Baby is born, I'm working on the project again.

Hi all, I'm back!

We got a beautiful, perfect, little boy, named Luke (Lukas in Swedish).

Things have finally settled down at home, and I can now resume work on 0.6.0. Still shooting for the first playable release.



Posted by Tomas Björklund 2004-02-03

Improved home page

Since we really did not have any home page before, anything at all would have to be considered an improvement.

Now, when you click on the "home page" link,, you will be taken to a friendly place where you will find things you would be interested in as a user of the application, news, latest screenshots and whatnot.

Posted by Tomas Björklund 2004-01-18

Progress on 0.6.0

The release didn't make the weekend, but it's coming along.

Right now the setup is complete, the dwellings and the ghosts (actually only one ghost for the moment) are all there. The player can now connect to other players, select a scenario, pick a character and enter the game.

What remains is:
1) Character chits on the map in the setup.
2) Order entry at Birdsong. Player may select clearings to move to, as well as the search or hide orders.
3) Daylight, order execution. Each connected player performs his orders. Players may block each other.... read more

Posted by Tomas Björklund 2004-01-12

Release 0.6.0 coming soon

Hi all!

I explained today to my wife how working on this project is like working on an ice berg, in that 90% of what is done is invisible to the user.

The last few releases have really been of the bottom of the ice berg variety. Lots of things happening, provided you enjoy reading source code, but not that exciting for the user and gamer.

The upcoming release, 0.6.0, will contain some substantial improvements to the user, as well as major changes in the source code.... read more

Posted by Tomas Björklund 2004-01-05

0.5.0 released

Finally we get to present the next release of Realms of Magic to you.

We certainly did not manage to squeeze in all we wanted, but I think getting the release out at all is more important. This way we get to show you what we're doing, and keep you all updated on our current status.

Things that did make it:
- Chat now works both in the game lobby as well as in game.

- Setup is implemented, and you get to see the warning counters. Well, sort of. You get to see the backs of the warning counters to be precise. You will find that they are nicely placed on the tiles. This is something you can do yourself with the new RoMEdit utility.... read more

Posted by Tomas Björklund 2003-11-26

Release 0.5.0 on its way

The team is working on the next release, due in a couple of days.

It will contain, among other things:
- Chris has implemented a working chat, both in the game view and in the lobby.
- I've spent most of my time with the first version of RomEdit. This first release will let set the position of the warning counter on each tile. This tool will grow with each release, with Scenario editor, script editor, etc, making this an easy game to customize.... read more

Posted by Tomas Björklund 2003-11-21

Release 0.4.0 available

A new week, a new release.

Release 0.4.0 includes the chat function as promised, together with some new functionality in the game lobby. Connected players must now indicate that they are ready to play before the host can start the game.

And the scenarios are now in files, installed in a separate folder in the application folder. In the future., all the stuff that makes a scenario unique, scripts, options, etc, will go into those files.... read more

Posted by Tomas Björklund 2003-10-19

Release 0.4.0 on its way

We, the team, are very sorry that we had to shift the release of 0.4.0 forward one week.

This had to be done, due to a bug in the new Microsoft Summer update to Directx 9.0b. The summer update contained a time bomb, designed to stop the use of older Directx releases, which prevented our application from launching at all.

Microsoft fixed this bug, but we lost a couple of days and decided to move the release date forward one week accordingly.... read more

Posted by Tomas Björklund 2003-10-12

Release 0.3.0 available

Hi all,

Release 0.3.0 is finally out.

This is mainly a stability release. This means that a lot of work has gone into stuff you're never likely to see as a player.

But even though we've worked mostly on infrastructure in this release, you will find some small improvements to the functionality. The lobby contains some live parts now. The player list and scenario selection.

The team is now hard at work getting the next release ready, 0.4.0. This will feature a working chat, among other things. According to our road map it will be ready in two weeks, so wish us luck.... read more

Posted by Tomas Björklund 2003-09-28

The state of the project

As you may have noticed, we have gained a new developer, Craig, and at the same time lost one, Robin.

Robin stated very early on that he would have very little time for this project, what with new family members, other commitments, and all, but he agreed to help out as much as possible during the summer, especially when I was on vacation. Robin leaves the project, at least for the moment, to concentrate on other things. He will still be hanging around though, although not as a developer. ... read more

Posted by Tomas Björklund 2003-09-22

So where did that project manager go...?

Two weeks ago Tomas mentioned in a news post that he had press-ganged a project manager for this magnificent project.

Well, here I am and I think its about time I introduce myself. Congratulations on the Ranking on SourceForge by the way - great work!

My name is Svante Lindholm. Im 38 years old, have a 6-year-old daughter and I have worked as a game designer, level designer and project manager for a computer games developer in Stockholm for about 3 years. ... read more

Posted by Svante Lindholm 2003-09-17

Release 0.2.0 available

The new release contains a few notable changes on the outside, and substantial rework on the inside.

The most obvious change is that the game lobby is added. This is where players gather before a game.
To be noted is that the lobby, at the moment, is a mock-up of the real this. This is done in order to give everyone, especially the developers, an idea how the final thing should look. As work progresses it will become more "alive".... read more

Posted by Tomas Björklund 2003-09-07

Correction, wrong info on Dan.

Erm ... There is a an error in my introduction of Dan Farrow IV. The alternate counters were made by another Dan, Dan Evans, and not by "our" Dan.

Our Dan is indeed a long time fan and member of the MR community, so at least I got that part right.


Posted by Tomas Björklund 2003-09-03

New project members, and the current state of the project

Me and Robin, you already know about, but I would like to welcome some new members to the project, in no particular order ...

Daniel W Farrow IV, a long time member of the MR community and the father of a well known alternate set of counters, among other things. He has offered to help out with both development an graphics work.

Fredrik Englund, although new to MR, is an old time gamer, experienced in all kinds of graphics design, and has offered to work on the graphics and form of the game.... read more

Posted by Tomas Björklund 2003-09-01

At least one person has seen the game board, besides me. :)

Robin has taken his place in the RoM hall of fame as the first person, besides me, to see and play with the 3d game board! Adding the files from the 0.1.3 fix, and starting from the folder, instead of the file menu, did the trick.

This is good news indeed, and hopefully more will go to the forums and let us know if they managed to make the program run or not.

At the moment I'm working on all the things we need in order to get a mock up of the Lobby up and running. I need the text box for this, so that's what I'm working on now. ... read more

Posted by Tomas Björklund 2003-08-26

Fix available for 0.1.3

The missing files are now available as a separate download: "".

I decided to release this way so you don't have do download the entire install again, just to get two small files.

Placing these in the application folder fixes the problem with running the app.

Posted by Tomas Björklund 2003-08-23

0.1.3 now runs

First problem solved and 0.1.3 now runs on other machines than mine.

Details can be found in the "Bugs & Problem reports" forum.


Posted by Tomas Björklund 2003-08-22

Release 0.1.3 available

Release 0.1.3 is now up and available. This will hopefully help find the reason why some of you can't start the application.

Upon any unexpected exceotion, it should produce a file, "error.txt", located in the application folder. This file will contain error information useful in tracking down the problem you have encountered.

This is not the best of all post crash error tracking systems, unless the exception occurs within the program, it will fail to produce error output. But should the program crash, and not produce this file, this is useful info too.... read more

Posted by Tomas Björklund 2003-08-20

Release 0.1.2 available

This release starts in windowed mode, instead of full screen as 0.1.1 did. Since windowed mode uses the existing graphics device, used by the desktop, it frequently works even when full screen doesn't.

If you encountered problems with 0.1.1, try this.

Next release 0.1.3 will feature better post mortem debugging, like dumps and better reporting. Things needed in order to better understand what goes wrong.

Posted by Tomas Björklund 2003-08-19

First test results are in ...

A couple of people have downloaded and installed the the 0.1.1 binaries.

The ones that have failed, have so far failed utterly to get anything besides an exception.

This leads me to the conclusion that first priority must be to get better error reporting into the application. Tasks for this will be up as soon as possible. Hopefully once this is done, we will have more useful information to work with when the application crashes or misbehaves in some other way.... read more

Posted by Tomas Björklund 2003-08-19

Finally, the project is up and running ...

Source code is all there, there are plenty of tasks, and the first file release is in place.

So I hereby declare the project offically started.

Welcome all fans and friends of the game Magic realm.

Posted by Tomas Björklund 2003-08-17

Source code into CVS

Almost all source code is now loaded into CVS. There is a delay, 24 hours or so, before it can be viewed with the web browser.

For those with some CVS client installed it's possible you can get the files at once.

The only file not in CVS at the moment is gamemanager.cs, and that is because I want to put some more comments into it and clean it up a bit before uploading it.


Posted by Tomas Björklund 2003-08-17

First tasks are up

Still on vacation at the French Riviera, I decided to write down the first set of tasks.

The source code will go up on saturday, together with the rest of the tasks, but this will give you all an idea of what needs to be done.

Posted by Tomas Björklund 2003-08-14