Visual3D Architect .NET Replaces RealmForge

The RealmForge 3D game engine for .NET is no longer under development. Its core team is now developing Visual3D Architect .NET ( as the first framework and runtime integrated visual design environment for rapidly developing 3D games, simulations, architectural visualizations with .NET 2.0. We are building upon the most successful elements of RealmForge's design but are starting development anew to leverage the design experience of our new team. Development is progressing rapidly and we are providing support for both Suva3D, the Microsoft award-winning Suva3D engine, and Axiom, the redesign of the #1 ranked open-source OGRE 3D engine for .NET 2.0. We have formed partnerships with Suva Interactive, LLC and Mobile Immersion to provide immersive business solutions as well as relationships with various schools and universities to provide project-based computer science courses based around using our toolset in the classroom. We are currently looking for a highly talented 3D modeling and shaders artist to work with us in providing a showcase for our next-generation development solution for interactive 3D applications and .NET.

Posted by Dan Moorehead 2006-03-13