Current State of Development

Lately I have been somewhat preoccupied with starting up my first year in college as a business student at the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign, so I apologize for not having been as responsive on the forums of late. This is due to both time restrictions and the large number of help requests that come in.

RealmForge is still in an alpha state and its use is not yet advised for use for those who do not have .NET programming experience due to the lack of graphical tools available for developing games. The number of people who are trying RealmForge out right now is quite encouraging, however I suggest that the less experienced wait until it has reached at least a beta state before beginning full scale development with it. There are still many incomplete features and not too many examples that are indicative of its true capabilities.

However though RealmForge is a relatively young project and the last few months have been less active then usual, development is still progressing and several active developers. There is a new core framework being developed from the ground up for it as well as support for OGRE - the most popular and advanced open-source 3D rendering engine - in the works to provide a choice between it and Axiom. So with a little patience I am sure that you will find RealmForge the ideal solution for you game development needs once it has reached a beta or production state. The community has really proven so helpful in all our work and in helping others. Thanks everyone for your understanding and continues support!

Posted by Dan Moorehead 2005-09-27