Axiom 3D Engine Under New Management

I have just been entrusted officially by Christopher McGuirk (leedgitar) with the task of leading the development of the Axiom 3D Engine. Development will continue under the modified branch of Axiom that has been maintained by the RealmForge GDK development team (which I am also the lead developer for). It is hosted at the new Subversion repository that has been setup on a dedicated server for the collaboration among the RealmForge, Axiom, and Might and Magic Tribute (MMT) open-source projects. We are looking for developers to keep Axiom up-to-date with OGRE as well as those who can provide support to users on the project forums. I also the current maintainer for the .NET Prebuild project file generation tool used in both projects and a lead programmer for MMT, the impressive open-source continuation of the popular RPG series which will also serve as a large-scale demo game for both the projects.

Now RealmForge GDK - the .NET dame development platform, Axiom -the C# port of the OGRE rendering engine, and MMT will all be collaborating through the sharing resources, ideas, and developers to provide a complete game development solution that allows the productivity of .NET to be leveraged for commercial and open-source game development alike. This collaboration combines next-generation graphical technology with an intuitive component-oriented game engine and a range of powerful run-time development tools. The script and media libraries used in MMT will be provided as well to get users started. We hope to also work together with the CEGUI# and Newton Physics .NET development teams to increase productivity and simplify workflow for all aspects of game development with the .NET Framework.

I will grant write access to the Subversion repository to those who have been providing fixes for it and am open to applications for positions on the Axiom development team for keeping it up-to-date with OGRE. Anonymous read access will also be provided for anyone to check out the source using TortoiseSVN ( or another SVN utility. Development for Axiom will soon continue with the driving momentum and incredible progress with which it had started under leedgitar's lead and regular file releases will be made for it as well to provide users who don't wish to checkout from the SVN repository up-to-date with its progress as well.

Posted by Dan Moorehead 2005-07-02