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Really Feasible Console / News: Recent posts

Released Alpha 0.8.6

Performance improvements
New commands
Grammar generation optimization
First try of remoting

Posted by Roberto Forlani 2008-02-12

Release Alpha 0.8.5

Many new features and commands!

Posted by Roberto Forlani 2008-02-06

Released Alpha 0.8.4

Many improvements, many new commands and a little speed up.
NETSTAT fully integrated

Posted by Roberto Forlani 2008-02-01

Release Alpha 0.8.3

New release alpha 0.8.3 available for download.

Many new features and several bug fixes listed in changelog.

Posted by Roberto Forlani 2008-01-29

RFC Sdk released

You can download:

And extend the RFC!

Posted by Roberto Forlani 2008-01-24

Documentation inserted

Inserted Wiki Quick Guide, Documentation Quick Guide, Documentation Visual Studio HowTo and Download Reference, Source, Binary

Posted by Roberto Forlani 2008-01-23

First sourcecode release

First code released, try it

Posted by Roberto Forlani 2008-01-22