reacTIVision 1.4 prerelease

dear reacTIVision users,
finally the official prerelease of reacTIVision 1.4 and the updated TUIO clients and simulator are available for download.

* added finger blob tracking
* removed the obsolete finger fiducial
* improved and more robust fiducial tracking (fallback to blob tracking when fiducials fail)
* improved set of fiducials (smaller footprint & improved rendering)
* improved calibration precision
* improved firewire camera support and configuration on mac os X and linux
* on-screen configuration instead of command line options
* XML configuration file
* added MIDI channel selection for note ON events
* many more bug fixes and improvements

This is called a prerelease for various reasons:

* it still needs some testing and there are most probably some bugs that might emerge
* not all of the TUIO clients are updated to the new API, the missing platforms will be added soon
* some features (autocalibration and the new symbol sets) are not yet finished

Posted by Martin Kaltenbrunner 2008-06-17