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Another RDPManager Release

I have released another RDPManager package. This one has minor bug fixes, and the ability to edit the connection statistics for any machine. The new Most Used feature (at the top of the Recent menu) relies on connection statistics to determine what machines show up there. Using the new dialog, you can promote a machine to this list or demote a machine if you have one you don't like in there. You can find this new edit function under About, Connection Statistics, and the select a machine and then you can click Edit or Clear. Edit will let you change things, while Clear resets the selected machine to 0.

Posted by jwbrit 2010-02-05

New RDPManager!

There is a new RDPManager available. Changes include:

In credential entry controls (Username, domain, password) old text is auto selected when click on or tabbed to
* Added config file option DeleteOldRDPFiles
* Added Show Passwords check box on password entry forms, if checked passwords are displayed.
* Added config file option ShowPasswords, which if set to 1 the Show Passwords check box defaults to checked
* Added the ability to have a computer in more than one place in the xml file.
* Added most used computers list in recent menu
* Added config file option NumMUs to set how many most used computers are displayed
* Blank passwords are allowed
* added "(m)" to recent list if entry is a manual connect
* Added Display Conn. button in About box to display how many times a connection has been made
* Added default screen resolution to options in manual connect if different than a common one
* When manual is selected, and the dialog is already open, bring it to the front
* Added Machine settings dialog box, where machines and thier settings are displayed
* Added ~ in CmdLine and CmdArgs - Will be replaced with "
* If there is an entry for a machine in the MU, it is not put into recent list

Posted by jwbrit 2010-01-27

RDP Manager 1.60

A new version of RDP Manager is available! This adds a couple of features and fixes a couple of bugs.

Posted by jwbrit 2009-04-07

New Version 1.51

New version 1.51 is available. This version lets you use VNC or PCAnywhere instead of RDP on a per machine basis. Also some minor bug fixes and feature enhancements.

Posted by jwbrit 2008-07-17

New Version 1.45

A new version of RDP Manager is available!

This version adds a Most Recently Used List, and a redesigned Manual Connect dialog with more options.

Posted by jwbrit 2008-04-04

New Version 1.35

There is a new version of RDPManager. This release is mostly small bugfixes.

Posted by jwbrit 2008-02-18

New Version 1.30

Changes in version 1.30
* minor bug fixes
* Added version check
* Displayname is used in the filename instead of MachineName. This affects what is shown in the task bar for the session
* Changed the Manual Connect dialog box to display the options on there instead of another dialog
* Added a Clear List button on the manual connect dialog box
* Fixed various bugs in the options of the Manual Connection.
* Display bugs fixed in the Password Management dialog
* If an error is introduced in an XML file while editing, the program will not error and exit, it
will error and revert to the previous config.
* When adding credentials in the Password Management dialog box, the selection for the machine name the credentials apply to is a drop down box of machines in the config file(s) instead of typing it in.
* Added the ability to open multiple hosts with one entry. See the entry on RDPMultiConnections in the README.TXT file
* Manual connection options default to .XML file settings
* Changed machine-password paring to pair off of DisplayName instead of MachineName.
This means entries can have the same MachineName but different DisplayNames, allowing
multiple entries to the same machine but with different options.

Posted by jwbrit 2008-01-08

New Version 1.07

I just uploaded version 1.07 -

New Features:
* The program will create a shortcut in the Start\Startup folder when the Startup button clicked in the about box

* When connecting to a machine manually, you can specify options. These options are saved along with the name, and can be accessed by clicking the machine in the drop down box.

* New attributes in the XML file: ServerPort, ConnectToConsole, DisplayConnectionBar. See readme for possible values of all attributes.

Posted by jwbrit 2007-11-01