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Demo Video is available how RDPDesk works

Please take a look at our 2-minute video to get a better idea of how RD Connection Manager works:

Posted by rdpdesk 2010-06-26

V3 is released, VNC support is added

With this release (v3.0) the emphasis was on implementation of VNC protocol for Windows and Linux on basis of tightVNC. For the Windows version, the implementation was more challenging as tightVNC code is very dependent on WinAPI. The code is also made as a completed product and was not designed for creating a separate library.

The Linux platform also had its challenges. “With Linux we had to overcome the challenge of a tightVNC is made as a monolith and it’s hardly ported. The main problems occurred while working in multithreaded application in a single thread; we had issues with multilayered window of users session display,” said Vadim Voznesenski begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting, co-founder of the company.... read more

Posted by rdpdesk 2010-06-26