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#186 RDP Connection Issue


I've tried this using RDP and VNC, but have yet to find a solution ... I'm attempting to make a connection to my home pc from inside a corp. network. I have port forwarding setup correctly on my router at home and have verified this. I am able to connect with rdp and vnc from various other locations, so something on the network at my workplace must be preventing it from happening. I am able to use rdp to connect to various computers inside of my workplace network, but no luck when attempting to connect to a computer on my home network from work.

What could possibly be preventing me from doing this and is there any way to work around it such as changing the default listening port for rdp or vnc on my home computer?

I'm not sure if this makes sense, but would it be an option to use a port that isn't locked down on the corp. network as the listening port for rdp on my home computer and have some success with this?




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    You should ask your network admins why it wont work. They probably have spent a great deal of time and money trying to prevent these types of connections.

    I have seen the crap on some home computers and wouldn't want any type of connection from the malware infested device you call a computer to my corporate network.