#181 Rdesktop auto raw keyboard patch

Alex Shlemov

I think, you know, that is some problems in keyboard switching and work with some regional layouts. For example, Russian layout.

And Alt-Linux command make some patch fo rdesktop, which enable "raw-keyboard mode".
This patch solved problem and we were happy; patch was so popular, that it was included in Ububtu Linux.

But 6 months ago patch stopped working, because system scancodes in Linux was changed. It was awful!

Reason of this was simple, Alt-Linux coders make very "alternative" patch. They let static rule, actually, static array, which convert linux scancodes to windows ones.

I wanted to solve this problem and make my own patch, founded by Alt-Linux patch. It recount replace rules in each start of rdesktop.

I offer this patch to you.



  • Anonymous

    Your patch is pretty good work, but in en-us some keys don't work as expected. E.G. EN-US Shift+2 must give "@", But it does ' " '. Shift+4 is expected to be a ";", but it's a ":" and so on. Check it, please.

  • Alex Shlemov
    Alex Shlemov

    Hm... I don't have this problem.
    What Linux used by you? What locale?
    I have only two Russian Ubuntu's. And one Russian Windows XP.
    In Russian layout ctrl+2 = ", in English one - @
    In Russian ctrl+4 = ; in English - $

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  • Alex Shlemov
    Alex Shlemov

    Sorry, in last comment I wanted to say "shift", no "ctrl"

  • zombah

    Great feature! Thank you very much for patch!
    Fixed Russian char set switching for me, some time @ and , vanish.
    Found no issues yet, except that this patch not compatible without tuning with
    Opensuse 11.1,11.2 and LTSP because of their NOMAD rdesktop patch, which
    is also use -Y arg.