Hi people.  I'm on the project from hell to get a particular Windows Mobile 6 device to talk RDP to a Windows machine under strict customer requirements not to prompt the user for connection information or allow the user to ever see the IP address, user name, or domain name.

I'm getting pushed to do silly things like send keystrokes to the default RDP client and turn the screen off and programmatically hit the connect button.  So far, I've been able to do all this stuff, but my confidence level that this will be able to pass through QA and get to the client is slightly lower than that of the existance of avian swine.

I saw that Jay Sorg on this list had a perhaps incomplete port to Windows CE.  I would much rather lock myself in a room for the weekend and finish the port (or even redo the port).  The problem is, the download link is broken.

Does anyone have a copy of this port?

Thanks, any help is much appreciated.

(And while I'm here, thanks for the great piece of software - it's saved me from installing Redmond at home quite a few times.  I have no idea how this crazy project will go or not go, but I hope to contribute.)