On 3/1/10 2:03 PM, "MargoAndTodd" <margoandtodd@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Tom,

On my Linux server, I use:

     -r printer:B4350='HP LaserJet IIP'

Local (Linux): B4350
Remote TS printer: HP LaserJet IIP

Which to me seems to be "-r printer:local=remote".  And, it does

On the Apple I used:
     -r printer:'HP Deskjet F4200 series'='HP Deskjet 4100 series'

local printer: HP Deskjet F4200 series
remote (TS) printer: HP Deskjet 4100 series

And, it does not work.

What is wrong with my syntax?  I do not understand.  Can you
give me an example?

p.s. Do you mean my TS "system" log?  I am not aware of
a TS specific log.

p.s.s this would be a lot easier if the local user used
a PCL or Post Script printer!

The event logs on the terminal server will show you the issue. My guess is that you need to install support for the deskjet on the terminal server. Again, the event logs will give you the exact reason.