I am VERY new to Linux so please forgive me if I break any posting rules.
I am having some problems with CTRL key combinations in en-us when the CAPS lock is enabled. For example, the CTRL-Shift arrows do not work when the CAPS lock is enabled. I would like to use the CVS but I cannot figure out how to make use of the files as there is no ./configure. I did manage to "hack" something together but when it finally compiled, rdesktop was 759kb in size where the rdesktop built from the 1.4.1 release only is 139kb.
This is what I did:
1 - Unpack rdesktop-1.4.1
2 - unpack CVS to this dir.
3 - ./configure, make, make install
When I tried to ./bootstrap there are no errors but nothing seems to happen. Is there somewhere I can get a tutorial on how to properly do this ?
Also, what is being done (if anything) about the CAPS lock problems ? Is this something that I can/must fix on my own ?
Thanks in advance.
Stephen Bakerman
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