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On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 11:07 AM, Andreas Kotes <count-linux@flatline.de> wrote:

* Marc-André Moreau <marcandre.moreau@gmail.com> [20110622 16:56]:
> There is no space, however, for *two* GPL projects. If you believe there is
> space for both a GPL and an Apache RDP client, then let rdesktop be the GPL
> client, and FreeRDP the Apache client. Your choice, but there is high demand
> for an Apache-licensed RDP client, that's what I can tell.

okay, then ... why not 'go all the way' and have it incubated to and
owned by the Apache Foundation? They certainly have the resources to
handle legal and other issues in the long term, and governing means to
KEEP this a community efforts for decades to come.


That's an interesting idea, pooling IP with a community foundation would definitely be good. An alternative would be to create the "FreeRDP Foundation" ourselves, as a non-profit organization for the FreeRDP community. Both are options we will look into.

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