I believe the Thinstation project (thinstation.org) has incorporated some kind of mechanism that will launch a non-dying rdesktop session directly after booting. I am not sure if they do it by continuously restarting the session when it 'times out' or perhaps some kind of keepalive mechanism, but either way you might be able to figure out how they do it. My company has a few thinstations that, for all I can remember, are always displaying a waiting rdp login screen.


Marijn Hofstra

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> Van: Craig Hammond [mailto:Craig@sbisolutions.com.au]
> Verzonden: woensdag 22 februari 2006 22:16
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> Onderwerp: RE: [rdesktop-users] Timeout at logon prompt.
> I should follow this up by saying that I realise this is a windows and
> not an rdesktop problem, but I just thought that someone
> using rdesktop
> may have come across it before and have figured out a fix.