Hi Kevin,
Fair enough...  I never cease to be amazed at how all these open source projects seem to have more and more features every day and 100's of "free (as in beer) loaders" demanding this or that...
So, what would it cost?  and what currency are you quoting the price in (I live in Canada so to me a $ sign means "Canadian dollars").
I am a high-level ASP.NET / SQL developer.  I have never delved into C or C++ beyond the basics (although I am teaching myself).  Perhaps you could help me with a few pointers.  I know there are lots of different ways to do this and its essentially up to me but...  what tools do you use for working on rdesktop?  How do "most" open source developers work?  Do you simply use VIM?  gedit?  Or something like that?

On Wed, May 26, 2010 at 1:13 PM, Beaumont, Kevin <Kevin.Beaumont@princes.co.uk> wrote:
If somebody wants it they need to add it, or pay for it to be done.


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Subject: [rdesktop-users] Request SSL support in rdesktop

Hi everyone,
I am a self-employed IT consultant.  I am responsible for about 25 servers/networks across the Toronto/Hamilton area.  Most of these systems are Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 systems.
Some of these systems have VPN setup.  Others have the RDP port exposed on the Internet.  Those that have the RDP port open on the Internet are all using SSL (self-signed certs).  I think using SSL with RDP is a good practice since SSL offers better security/authentication then the standard encryption used by RDP.  Any security we can add here I think is a good thing.
The problem is that I cannot access these systems under Linux via rdesktop because they are using SSL.  I have a hard time telling my customers that I am going to use less security on their systems just so I can have the convenience of connecting to their systems without rebooting into Windows.  Right now I am booting Windows XP inside VirtualBox to connect to these systems or rebooting my dual-boot notebook into Windows 7.
I would love to see support for SSL added to rdesktop.  To me this is a very important feature that is conspicuously missing.  It means I am only comfortable using rdesktop on for local connections over private LAN's or VPN's.
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