I am in making a Windows Mobile port of rdesktop, based on win32rdesktop which had been done based on rdesktop 1.4.1. There where some problems with window size which are fixed actually.

Why do a WM port?
The MS WM mstsc client is worse:
It disconnects after 10 minutes of user idle time. This is useless for device used in commercial environments like warehouses.
The mstsc client is slow in sending keystrokes. Most commercial WM devices have a barcode scanner integrated. The scanned data is transmitted to windows mobile via keyboard messages. As mstsc transmits these key by key, there is a big overhead in send/receive screen updates. I already integrated some barcode scanner code which transmits the key strokes as a block and does not allow screen updates during transmit. The barcode data appears much faster.
Mstsc client does not support autoconnect. The users always have to confirm a connect. This is not wished in a kiosk mode environment.

What do I need?
I am looking for some help implementing following features:
Clipboard support is not currently impemented. I would like to get help with this to be able to transmit barcode data as a block as an optional feature.
Transmit Unicode input as defined with RDP version 5. The actual sources I use have no knwoledge about clipboard and unicode packets. Can anyone help with these?

Keyboard issues
Windows Mobile devices I use have a hardware keyboard and the OS always supplies a Software Input Panel (SIP). RDP only supports scancode transmition. With the SIP, you will not always get correct scancodes, especially for national chars. Some barcode scanner wedges no scancodes into the windows message loop, they only transmit WM_CHAR messages or WM_KEYDOWN/UP messages without scancodes. With these environments it is sometimes impossible to synthesize scancode messages needed by RDP (therefor I look for clipboard and unicode support).

Source code
the code I wrote should be shared as GPL code but I dont know how and where to setup a 'repository' or ...

Thanks in advance